What is Clean room air filter?

Clean room air filter is a device for removing fine dust size over 0.3 microns, also need to remove bacteria and fungus in some special industries. it is made of superfine glassfiber filter media, this media can catch and absorb fine dust effectively and let the airflow pass.

By using clean room air filter, can achieve a very good high cleanliness in the workshop, this can improve the product quality in the factory, protect patients safe in medical places, Improve the success rate of experiments in laboratories.

There are a lot of different design of clean room air filter

If you need to purchase some filters, it is necessary to confirm some specifications in advance.

Firstly, you need to know the size and efficiency

there are various different sizes for every filter, such as 24*24 and 12*24inch, but this is the most common, there is no unique size, you can see the label (if there are sizes mentioned on the filter label ), or you can measure it by yourself. the efficiency of clean room air filters ranges from H10 to U17, The higher the number, the better the filtering effect, but you cannot always choose the highest number, because The higher the number, the higher the resistance.

Second, the construction design

Need to know the filter frame material, separator design and gasket design. if you don`t know too much about this, please contact us we can give you a better description about this freely.

Third, need to confirm the working condition, airflow rate & pressure drop.

Some filters should be worked in high temperature or high humidity, some just in normal condition.

Airflow rate and pressure drop is relatively with the ventilation design, you need to make sure clean room air filter can provide enough airflow thus making sure enough air change rate in your clean room.

clean room air filter

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    Construction design

    the clean room air filter with a lot of construction designs for different applications. You may be wondering why there are so many different shapes. let me introduce all of them and tell you why should design like that, so this can help you choose the correct design.

    gel type clean room air filter

    Gel type

    The blue gel around the frame is a semisolid material, this makes filters have a very good airtight when a knife-edge box pressed the gel, with almost no leakage. the gel can be placed on the top or bottom of the side frame, it depends on how you install the filters. the gel type filter frame is extruded aluminum, it cannot be made of other materials such as SUS, MDF, Gal. because other materials frames cannot provide a slot for inserting gel.

    If you are looking for a very good air-tight, gel type is a good choice.

    the gel type hepa filter mostly used in some application that requires very strict air purification, such as medical, laboratory and so on.

    If want to know more about this, please click here!

    Separated and minipleat

    from the picture, left design is Separated HEPA filter and right design is mini pleated HEPA filter. those are the most popular design in the market. The most fundamental difference between the two is the difference in the dividers.

    You can see it the picture, left design, the divider is corrugated paper ( some times aluminum foil ). the right is hot melt glue.

    Mini pleat filter mostly for laminar flow and separated filter for turbulent flow, the efficiency of these two designs are the same.

    you can read more about mini panel and separated design here

    High velocity

    this design can provide an extremely high-velocity airflow rate for your clean room ventilation system, as you can see there is multi-V cell, this V cell design can enlarge air filtration media, thus providing more airflow rate and better dust holding ability. For example, for a size 24*24*12 inch, high velocity can provide MAX 4000CMH airflow rate but normal design can only provide 1000-2000CHM, which is a huge advantage.

    If you looking for high airflow velocity, this is the best choice. When you ask your supplier for a HEPA filter, if you read our article carefully, you can know if the design from your current supplier suits your requirements.

    you can know more about the high velocity design here.

    Clean room air filter replacement frequency

    How often replace the filters in clean room? there are some facts that affect the replacement frequency.

    Every 3 Years —- Clean room air filter should be replaced every 3 years. Because, after a long time of use, the filter has already collected enough dust and contaminations, 3 years is the most economic and effective frequency. And I believe every 3 years, your clean room ventilation system should be cleaned and washed, there is a lot of dust in that.

    When final resistance reached —- sometimes even less than 3 years, the HEPA final resistance reached, you may find the clean room air change rate becomes less and less, and the electricity bill for your ventilation fan increases. One key point you need to know is after the filter collects dust, its resistance increases. the initial resistance is 220Pa and the final resistance is 500-600Pa about. Changing the filter can help you save electricity and keep the air change rate of clean room.

    How to keep clean room air filter stands longer?

    As we know, it is not easy to change those terminal filters, the best way is to change the AHU filter in time. there are multi-level of filtration in your factory, pre-filtration, medium filtration and final filtration. both pre-filtration and medium filtration are used for reducing the burden of the final stage filter. According to our experience, the pre-stage filter should be replaced every 3 months and the medium-stage filter should be replaced every 6-12 months.


    Food & Beverage & Pharma

    In those industries, we need to ensure the raw material keep away from bacteria and fungus so that prevent food and medicine spoilage, as we know, there are a lot of bacteria in the air. air filters can remove those bacterias thus make a high cleanliness level.

    in the final package process, it is more and more popular to use a bacteria-free clean room instead of traditional preservatives, this can improve the taste of food and better human health.


    Cleanroom air filter also be used in medical places, the HEPA filter can remove 0.3 micron size particles, ( Most of the bacteria size large than 0.3 microns ) this is the reason why air filter are some important in hospital, by removing the bacteria can keep patient from being infected, this is typically in surgery room and ICU.

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