Clean room air purification devices and replacement HEPA filters

In order to keep the cleanliness level of clean room, there are some very important devices and HEPA filters that should be used. such as laminar and exhaust HEPA filters, ceiling modules, air showers, pass boxes and so on.

Those items are very popular in modern industries for clean room air purification, the main function of those items is to remove fine dust.

Those air purification products can be used in pharma, medical, food&beverage, micro-electronics industry clean rooms. We are manufacturer for those with more than 10 years history, we have exported product to many different countries, welcome to contact us to get a quotation within 24 hours.

What we can provide

  • Air shower, pass box, FFU, laminar cabinet, ceiling module, softwall clean booth, wardrobe, garment cabinet for pharamceutical & food factory clean room dust control.
  • HEPA filter, AHU filter, carbon filter, filter cartridge, air purfifier for pharmaceutical & food process clean room air purification.
  • Laminar flow system for hospital operate theatre for medical application
  • For both standard and customized sizes, design available.

air shower and pass box

Air shower & Pass box

the air shower and pass box is a tunnel for entering and exiting a clean room. air shower is for persons and large cargo, and the pass box is for small items.

Both air shower and pass box are quite important for clean room air purification, they can stop outside dust and contamination from entering the workshop because they are built-in with an interlock system, the interlock system is a mechanical or electromagnetic system that prevents two doors won’t open at the same time. it means, that only one door opens each time.

Also, there are air nozzles inside to blow dust away from the surface of person and stuff, this is also quite important for cleanliness control.

  • Interlock system
  • Built-in with HEPA
  • for entering & exiting

Ceiling laminar flow system

Those devices are mounted on the ceiling of clean room, connected with air inlet duct. HEPA box and FFU fan filter unit. those devices are metal housed with a HEPA pack built-in, remove fine dust with a very good efficiency that is 99.97% or better.

Normally, the HEPA filter box isn`t with a fan built-in and FFU with a fan built-in, that is the only difference between them, to confirm if only need a HEPA box or FFU is necessary depends on the air change rate and pressure drop of the whole ventilation system. the function of the built-in fan is to provide a higher airflow rate and overcome the resistance of HEPA.

  • FFU —– HEPA box with a fan built-in, higher airflow rate
  • HEPA box —– without a fan
  • Devices mounted on the ceiling and connected with duct
  • Remove dust 99.97% @ 0,3 micron
  • Provides a wide range of sizes and housing material choice

laminar ceiling system for clean room air purification
clean room garment cabinet

Garment cabinet for clean room air purification

As we know, before workers enter a clean room, they need to wear professional clothing, shoes and hats. to store and keep those clothing and shoes, hats clean, need to using a perfessional laminar flow garment cabinet.

there are a FFU mounted on the top of cabinet that to generate a high purified airflow, blow the airflow from up to down to keep those clothings away from dust. buy using this device and make cleanliness control be much easier, and alos reduce the time in air showers.

  • FFU on the top to create high purified airflow
  • Store clothing, shoes, hats
  • Stainless steel housing, easy clean
  • Customized sizes to meet different requirements
  • Antistatic PVC vinyl

Replacement air filters

Because the air filters are disposable and need to be replaced in a certain period, finding a reliable supplier for your clean room air purification is quite important. the replacement air includes first stage pre-efficiency, second stage medium efficiency and terminal stage HEPA efficiency.

the devices in clean room such as FFU, air shower, pass box, and garment cabinet are built-in with HEPA filters, regularly replacement is necessary. the AHU connect to the duct is also built-in with pre-filter, pocket filter, v-bank filter and so on.

  • Pre, medium and HEPA stage filter replacement
  • wide range of sizes, customized sizes available
  • Regularly replacement to keep air change rate
replacement air filter for clean room air purification
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