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— AHU Air Filters and Introduction such as pocket filter, V cell filter, panel filter, foam filter, metal filter, minipleat filters.

the air handling unit is a device for commercial and industrial buildings’ ventilation systems. it is a box with a motor built-in, the purify the air that entering the systems, need some AHU filters to remove some dust.

Panel filter is the first stage of the air handling unit air filtration, it is made of pleated or folded synthetic media, the frame made of galvanized steel or aluminum, or a simple cardboard paper. is has large dust holding ability for some large dust, particles, and contaminations. the filters should be replaced every 3 months to achieve continuously low resistance of the HVAC system and to remove the collected dust away.

Pocket filter and V cell filter is a second stage, some need a carbon combined design to remove odor also. it is the fine filter that removes particle sizes 1-5 microns, the efficiency is F5 to H10, and the second stage filter should be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

To buy AHU filter from our factory directly

If you need a regular purchase of the AHU filters, welcome to contact us we can offer you a very good price and we can make filters for you within 15 days. Fast delivery is our advantage. Also, because we are a manufacturer, we can offer some customized sizes according to your requirement.

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