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Absolute Efficiency HEPA Filter for Clean Room Air Filtration Solution

the absolute efficiency HEPA filter plays a very crucial role in nowadays industries, it can offer perfect air filtration in some pharma, food, micron-electronics, laboratory, hospital field. To meet the requirement for different efficiency and airflow rate, offer efficiency range from H10 to U15, and designs like separated, laminar mini pleated, turbulent, high velocity and even high temp, high humidity.

the absolute efficiency HEPA filter is tested in our factory before they sent it to our clients, and a test report is inserted in the package. all filters are 100% make sure not damaged, 100% brand new, no leakage, standard efficiency and airflow rate, less resistance. To test the filter media ensure enough dust-holding ability.

Our filter materials are ROHS certified to ensure environmentally friendly and no side effects to the human body.

Our sufficient experience in this field helps to offer the most proper and most competitive price filter to our clients. the factory with more than 15 years history, enough stock make sure fast delivery on time.

Our advantageous

  • 100% tested
  • Wide range of efficiency
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Fast delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • No leakage, No damage
  • Perfect package for transportation

Absolute Efficiency HEPA Filter

Professional clean room air filtration provider 15 years

Our factory has more than 15 years’ history in clean room air filtration, we supply all kinds of air filters, water filters, dust collect bags, equipment to meet most of the requirements of our clients.

High Efficiency Air Filter is a necessary item for morden industrial air filtration

the High efficiency air filter can remove 99.9% of the dust, bacteria and other contaminations, this is a very important fact that so many industries rely on the filters. If without the filter, almost 70% of the modern industries cannot go on.

Micron-electronics, semi conductor needs to remove fine dust that ensures the micro circuit board will not cause a short circuit due to the problem of falling dust. Airborne particles can cause defects if they land on the sprayed surface. Airborne germs that fall into a patient’s wound, especially during surgery, can cause infection.

the features of High Efficiency Air Filter

  • Remove 99.9% particles, bacterias
  • Glassfiber media
  • High airflow rate and large dust holding
  • High temperature & high humidity available
  • Perfect airtight and no leakage
  • Multi construction designs for different applications
  • Customized size and efficiency available
  • Factory delivery directly

High efficiency air filter

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