Pre filter

Pre filter for AHU / HVAC Air Ventilation System Air Purification

the pre filter is a primary efficiency G4 Coarse 70% air filter for air handling units, HVAC and other devices, it can be designed into pocket filters, panel filters, flat filters.

the mesh filter and aluminum filter provide G1 efficiency for filtering large items.

It takes a very important rule in HVAC and AHU, it removes most of the large dust, and items to keep the second stage and final stage filter service life. Only with the pre filter the HVAC & AHU can work easily.

How many different designs?

  1. Multi-pocket
  2. Pleated/folded media
  3. Flat media

Can be washed?

Most of the time, we don`t recommend washing the pre filter, it will break the filter media if wash it. After washing, the efficiency and dust holding ability will be decreased a lot, sometimes even appears huge air leakage. Anyway, washing a filter is not an economic method.  To save cost, recommend using a cardboard framed design, the price is quite economic.

pre filter cardboard frame pleated filter media

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