AHU bag filter Primary Efficiency G4

  • Efficiency: G3 and G4 EN:779
  • Filter depth: 21mm – 46mm — 96mm available
  • Filter media: Synthetic fiber
  • Frame material: Gal or Al alloy or cardboard
  • Grille: Metal mesh
  • Customized size&efficiency: Available
  • Design: Pleated
  • Max Operating Temperature: 175˚F (79˚C)
  • Max Operating Humidity: 80%


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AHU bag filter Primary Efficiency G4 / Multi-pocket G4 filter manufacturer

AHU is the abbreviation of air handling unit, bag filter is the most common design filter in the air handling unit.

It has a multi-bag design, each bag is independent and perfectly sealed by ultrasonic to form a V pocket. The multi-pocket design can maximize filter area, reduce the resistance, and improve the dust capacity.

AHU bag filter is mainly used to filter out the dust particles larger than 0. 5 Micron in the air conditioning system to

The AHU bag filter has an efficiency is G4, bag quantity from 3 to 10 available. We can offer you standard sizes, also customized sizes available. The filter media is non-woven synthetic fiber multi-layer, the filter media has a very nice dust holding ability, this filter is disposable and cannot be washed with water. Normally, AHU bag filter should be replaced every 6 months.

When installing the AHU bag filter, please make sure the bags are vertical stands not horizontal, this can help bags open totally when airflow blows into them. Thus achieving the best air filter performance.


Specifications and Details

Efficiency G4 EN:779
Filter depth 200-800mm available
Filter media Synthetic
Frame material Al alloy or Gal
Pocket QTY customized ( 3 -10 pockets )
Customized size&efficiency Available
Design Pocket
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)
Max Operating Humidity 80%

Most common size for Synthetic pocket filter

Item No Size(mm) Airflow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Pockets
EA-SP-556G4 592*592*600 3800m³/h 50Pa G4 EN:779 8
EA-SP-556G4 592*592*500 3800m³/h 65Pa G4 EN:779 8
EA-SP-556G4 592*592*400 3800m³/h 75Pa G4 EN:779 8
EA-SP-556G4 592*592*300 3800m³/h 85Pa G4 EN:779 8
EA-SP-456G4 490*592*600 3100m³/h 55Pa G4 EN:779 6
EA-SP-456G4 490*592*500 3100m³/h 65Pa G4 EN:779 6
EA-SP-456G4 490*592*400 3100m³/h 75Pa G4 EN:779 6
EA-SP-456G4 490*592*300 3100m³/h 95Pa G4 EN:779 6
EA-SP-256G4 287*592*600 1800m³/h 55Pa G4 EN:779 4
EA-SP-256G4 287*592*500 1800m³/h 65Pa G4 EN:779 4
EA-SP-256G4 287*592*400 1800m³/h 75Pa G4 EN:779 4
EA-SP-256G4 287*592*300 1800m³/h 95Pa FG4 EN:779 4

Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;