Clean room air shower

  • Outside Size: L1240*W1000*H2100mm
  • Inside Size: L800*W900*H1900mm
  • HEPA filter: 99.97% @ 0.3 Micron
  • Input: 380W/50Hz
  • Power: 1600W
  • Inside housing: SUS201
  • Outside housing: Painted steel or SUS201
  • Customized size: available




Cleanroom air shower chamber stainless steel interlock GMP standard for pharma


The cleanroom air shower chamber is an important equipment, it can prevent particles from entering clean area and keep pressure higher than outside. The air shower built with PVC roll up door or hinged door or sliding door, with interlock system make sure two doors won`t open at the same time.

This is a cleanroom purification control device that is used when operators or goods entering a clean room, normally from non-clean to clean. It uses a high-speed 20-25m/s highly purified airflow stream to blow dirt, particles, smell, far, bacteria from the surface of person or goods. It is a necessary equipment for pharmaceutical GMP certification.

Effectively remove dust

The air shower chamber can can effectively remove dust from the human body or goods to prevent outside pollutants from entering cleanroom. According to the design and size of cleanroom, most of the air shower are customized sizes and functions also personalized. We can combine some functions if you have some requirements.

An airlock for the cleanroom
The air shower chamber is the only tunnel for stuff and large goods both ( the smaller goods can be passed from pass box, pass thru ). Also, it is an airlock for the cleanroom as cleanroom`s inside pressure is higher than outsides, normally 5-10Pa about. The airlock function makes cleanroom pressure stands always.

HEPA filter inside air shower chamber

In order to remove particles efficiently, the highly speed airflow from nozzles are purified by HEPA filter, the nozzles move to many different directions automatically when blowing. HEPA filter build inside the air shower chamber, it equipped with an air pressure gauge to indicate HEPA filter pressure drop in case HEPA filters are should be replaced. Open the side doors to take out HEPA filter and replace now one, that is quite easy and spend only a little time. In order to save energy, the high speed purified airflow will back to motor and blow again, of course it should be purified again in advance.

More details

  • Application: for pharmaceutical GMP certification
  • Control the particle, remove particle when stuff and goods entering clean room.
  • Features: interlock, two doors won`t open at the same time
  • Material: can be designed with stainless steel 201, 304, or powder coated steel
  • Size: customized according to clients` requirement
  • Other function: DIY available

Drawing of air shower