Cleanroom Garment Anti-Static

  • Available in different sizes
  • Less MOQ
  • LOGO printing
  • Different designs
  • China factory delivery directly
  • Competitive price



The cleanroom garment use 100% polyester filament. This kind of fabric is also called anti-static ultra-clean fabric, which is different from ordinary anti-static fabric. It uses conductive fibers and is woven with a corresponding density to prevent fine particles such as body dust, dander or hair from escaping into the clean room.

Available colors are: white, blue, yellow and pink and so on.

In the clean room, due to the special requirements of production in the environment, there is generally a constant temperature and humidity, and the air mobility is not strong, so the fabric of the clean clothes should have a certain filtering performance on dust, and at the same time choose good air permeability and moisture permeability.

At the same time, cleanroom garment needs to be cleaned regularly. On the one hand, it is to ensure the cleanliness and anti-static performance of the clothing, and on the other is to eliminate sweat stains and odors and reduce the discomfort of the wearer.

  • The 100-level dust-free purification suit is a dust-free one-piece suit.
  • the cleanroom garment with anti-static function, customized size available.
  • we can add your company LOGO on the garment.
  • Can be designed as one piece or split clothes.