Fan Filter Unit Fan powered HEPA filter

  • Cleanliness level: Class 100
  • FFU depth: 280-320mm available
  • Filter efficiency: H13, H14, U15
  • Frame material: SUS, Al-Zn, Coated Metal
  • Motor: Backcentrifugal fan
  • Input: Customized according to the country and region of use
  • Plug: 3 levels, or Infinitely variable speed
  • Control: Manual or contralized
  • Speed control: 3 levels, or Infinitely variable speed
  • Noice: <=65dB
  • Max Operating Temperature: 175˚F (79˚C)
  • Max Operating Humidity: 80%




FFU fan filter unit, FFU fan powered HEPA filter module for cleanroom manufacturer

FFU fan filter unit is a ceiling-mounted unit with an internal fan inside. It is used in turbulent and laminar flow clean rooms. The wind speed on the outlet surface can reach 0.45m/s± 20%. A coarse filter and A HEPA filter are placed inside the housing.

The working principle is: the fan sucks the air from the top of the FFU, then airflow passes through a coarse filter and HEPA filter, the filtred airflow is laminated and high cleanliness.


  1. Low energy consumption
  2. High static pressure
  3. Multi-stage or stepless speed regulation
  4. Low operating cost
  5. Low noise, less vibration and uniform wind speed
  6. Lightweight
  7. HEPA filter replacable
  8. Back centrifugal fan
  9. It can achieve centralized control and remote control

The housing structure can be made of stainless steel 304, 201, galvanized steel and cold-rolled steel plate by electrostatic spraying material, which has the advantages of a lightweight, corrosion resistance, rust resistance and beautiful appearance.


Used in semiconductor, electronics, flat panel display, disk drive manufacturers and optical, biological industries, etc., clean production lines, clean workbenches, clean rooms, softwall cleanroom, clean booth and laminar flow hoods.

Real Time Centralized control system:

The FFU centralized control interfaces host can display and control the FFU working process. To achieve remote monitoring and adjustment of the FFU. It can control the start, stop and speed of any QTY of FFUs in real-time.

Fan powered HEPA filter / Laminar Airflow Ceiling System

the fan powered HEPA filter is a clean room terminal ceiling system for air purification that create a laminar airflow. it can be controlled Individually or centralized. there is HEPA filter, pre-filter built-in to remove dust, an AC or EC motor built in the generate high-speed airflow to overcome the resistance of filters. it is the best choice for busy and huge air filtration in some industries such as LED, LCD, semiconductor, food&beverage, pharma etc.

According to the client`s requirements offer different sizes and housing materials, and the system can provide adjustable speed control. the HEPA filter inside can remove 99.9% of the dust and other contaminations, cleanliness level reaches class 100. According to the airflow rate, offer different thickness HEPA filter from 50mm to 96mm, the thicker of filter, the more airflow rate provides.

Our Fan powered HEPA filters are strictly controlled to ensure small vibration and small voice, there are high-quality CNC metal plate processes to ensure size and construction are correct. there is a fan dynamic balance test in the factory to ensure less vibration. Install it on the ceiling of the cleanroom or other laminar flow systems, there is a diffuser system in the housing to provide an event airflow. Airflow velocity 0.45m/s +-20% adjustable, voice below 65dB under 2m test. Provides a stainless steel housing for anti-rust, high humidity applications.


  • Metal housing/galvanized, SUS, painted plate
  • HEPA filter + pre filter
  • Individual + Centralized control
  • AC or EC motor
  • Customized sizes and efficiency filter
  • Low vibration and low noise
  • Factory sell directly, competitive price
  • 220V/110V available

How long is the lead time?

Our factory has a very good productive ability, we can offer 10-30 units within 10 days, 31-100 units within 25 days.

Can we just order one or a few units?

Yes, we have a lot of different sizes and designs in stock, we can ship one unit to you within 3 days if you want to build a laminar flow system for your application such as mushroom cultivation, softwall clean booth, laminar garment cabinet and so on.

fan powered HEPA filter

the Motorized HEPA filter for ceiling air purification

Motorized HEPA filter is a device that can provide high class purified airflow, to remove dust, and create ultra-clean work conditions. it is composed of an AC or EC motor, metal housing,  panel HEPA filter, diffusers, air connect collar, and control system.


it can be controlled via a centralized system, a system can control multiply units of motorized HEPA filter, which is very good to manage in a huge clean room. Also, it can be controlled individually.


the replacement filters for this are HEPA panel, normal EVA or Neoprene gasket or gel fill type. the filters are made of fine glassfiber with an absolute efficiency for filtring 0.3um dust. the HEPA filters are tested before leaving the factory to ensure no leakage and meet the requirement of high efficiency.

A pre filter can be added on the top of the air inlet collar, thus remore the large dust to enlarge HEPA filter service life. the pre-filter should be replaced every 3 months.


the motorized HEPA filter is made of galvanized steel or painted steel or SUS housing, those materials are with good stability and anti-rust. the housing material choice depends on the client`s requirement. SUS is the best choice because it is strong and easiest to clean.

Motor AC or EC

For choosing an AC or EC motor, depends on the application, AC motor is suitable for some small devices, a small clean room. EC motor for large applications such as with over 20 units, controlled centralized, and EC motor is more energy effective.

Motorized HEPA filter

The control functions are as follows:
1. Control the start and stop of a certain group of fans in the entire clean room, and can set the airflow speed of a certain group of fans uniformly.
2. Control the start and stop of a fan in the entire clean room, and set the wind speed of a fan.
3. The QTY of fans in a group can be set.
4. Inquire about the running status of a fan in the entire clean room, such as the start and stop status of the fan, and the running airflow speed of the fan.
5. Overload protection function: when an overload occurs, it will automatically alarm remotely.

Specifications of Fan Filter Unit

Model 122S 122Z 117Z 61Z 57Z
Airflow (m³/h ) 3000 1600 1500 600 500
Power 360W 180W 180W 145W 75W
Noise (Db) 54-60 54-60 54-60 54-60 54-60
Efficiency H13-U15 H13-U15 H13-U15 H13-U15 H13-U15
Electric 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V
Cleanliness Class 100 Class 100 Class 100 Class 100 Class 100
Size (mm) 1175*1175*320 1225*615*320 1175*575*320 615*615*280 575*575*280
HEPA (mm) 1170*1170*69 1220*610*69 1170*570*69 610*610*69 570*570*69
Pressure drop 90-125Pa 90-125Pa 90-125Pa 90-125Pa 90-125Pa
Coarse filter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wight 50Kg 25Kg 23Kg 15Kg 10Kg
Air velocity 0.45m/s±20% 0.45m/s±20% 0.45m/s±20% 0.45m/s±20% 0.45m/s±20%
Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;