Metal mesh filter

  • Efficiency: G1 EN:779
  • Filter depth: 21mm – 46mm — 50mm available
  • Filter media: aluminum mesh, galvanized mesh, SUS mesh
  • Frame material: Gal or Al alloy or SUS
  • Grille: Metal mesh
  • Customized size&efficiency: Available
  • Design: Pleated multi-layer
  • Max Operating Temperature: 750˚F (400˚C)
  • Max Operating Humidity: 100%


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Metal mesh filter | Aluminum mesh filter | Stainless steel mesh air filter

The structure of the metal mesh filter is composed of a multi-level cross, vertical and horizontal corrugated aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh; because it is a multi-level filter structure, the filter area is increased, and its resistance is low and it can be repeatedly cleaned. High economy; the outer frame is generally designed as Aluminum frame, the filter material is generally a metal wave mesh structure such as aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh.

Metal mesh filter features:

  • Uses: coarse dust filtration (suitable for high temperature environments); air filtration system pre-
  • Filter type: Flat metal mesh filter
  • Frame: Galvanized steel, aluminum alloy or stainless steel
  • Filter material: aluminum mesh or stainless steel wire mesh
  • Protection mesh: aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh
  • EN 779 class: G1
  • Temperature resistance: 400°C (750°F)

Metal mesh filter product features:

  1. It is composed of folded filter screens of different specifications, which are staggered in the inner frame to reduce the gap of the aluminum mesh and achieve better filtering.
  2. For acid and alkali or high temperature resistant environments, stainless steel outer frame and stainless steel corrugated mesh can be used.
  3. The product has the characteristics of large air volume, small resistance, reusable cleaning and long service life.

Specifications and Details

Efficiency G1 En:779
Filter depth 21mm – 46mm-50mm available
Filter media Metal mesh corrugated
Frame material Metal
Grille Metal
Customized size&efficiency Available
Design Pleated multi-layer
Max Operating Temperature 750˚F (400˚C)
Max Operating Humidity 100%

Most common size for Pre filter

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Layer
EA-HTP-252 295*595*21 1000m³/h 10Pa G1 EN:779 3 layers
EA-HTP-442 495*495*21 1400m³/h 10Pa G1 EN:779 3 layers
EA-HTP-452 495*595*21 1700m³/h 10Pa G1 EN:779 3 layers
EA-HTP-462 495*625*21 1750m³/h 10Pa G1 EN:779 3 layers
EA-HTP-552 595*595*21 2000m³/h 10Pa G1 EN:779 3 layers
EA-HTP-662 625*625*21 2300m³/h 10Pa G1 EN:779 3 layers
EA-HTP-254 295*595*46 1000m³/h 20Pa G1 EN:779 7 layers
EA-HTP-444 495*495*46 1400m³/h 20Pa G1 EN:779 7 layers
EA-HTP-454 495*595*46 1700m³/h 20Pa G1 EN:779 7 layers
EA-HTP-464 495*625*46 1750m³/h 20Pa G1 EN:779 7 layers
EA-HTP-554 595*595*46 2000m³/h 20Pa G1 EN:779 7 layers
EA-HTP-664 625*625*46 2300m³/h 20Pa G1 EN:779 7 layers
Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;