Nylon Pleated filter cartridge

  • Applicable Industries: food & beverage, pharma etc
  • Length: 5″/10″/20″/30″/40″
  • OD(mm): 68mm,69mm
  • ID(mm): Φ32mm
  • Construction: Cartridge Filter
  • Filter membrane media: Nylon fiber membrane (hydrophilic)
  • Support: PP
  • Cage/Core/End: PP
  • Structure: Doule Membrane Structure
  • Sealing Technology: Hot melt without glue
  • O-Ring material: Silicone, EPDM, Nitrile, Viton ,Viton encapsulated PTFE
  • O-ring design: 220, 222, 226, DOE
  • End design: fin, flat, DOE



filter membrane for medical pharma and food grade


Nylon pleated membrane filter cartridge

Nylon pleated membrane filter cartridge is made of nylon membrane and diversion layer. Sealing filter material edge, fixed inner core and outer cover, welding end cover and other processes. Absolutely no adhesive, no media falling off.

In the filtration, a nylon pleated membrane filter cartridge can be used for liquid filtration, sterilization filtration and other contaminant removals. It can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, water treatment and other industries of a variety of media filtration and water treatment process. It has the dual effect of electrostatic adsorption and microporous filtration and has a very good removal effect on colloidal particles such as silica and microbial debris.

Nylon pleated liquid filter is to ensure the precision filtration to achieve ideal filtration accuracy. It is composed of nylon membrane, supporting layer, shell and sealing ring (Gasket / O-ring), adapter.


  1. Nylon66 filter film is better than Nylon6 in temperature resistance and stability;
  2. The flow rate of nylon steel belt filter membrane is more than 30% faster than that of nylon reinforced filter membrane.
  3. Filter precision can be more selective, can be used on various occasions;
  4. The filter cylinder adopts fluid mechanics design, higher efficiency;
  5. Dual effect of electrostatic adsorption and microporous filtration;
  6. Ultrasonic welding, without any adhesive;
  7. The filter element has been tested for integrity;
  8. Uniform aperture, high mechanical strength; High-efficiency particle removal capacity;
  9. Resistance to organic solvents and oil;
  10. Absolute filtration accuracy;
  11. long service life;



Microelectronics industry:
Organic solvent, ink, photosensitive resist and other liquids terminal filtration, in addition to particles. Terminal filtration of ultra-pure water preparation, display screen and polysilicon production water;

Sterilization and heat source (endotoxin) for pharmaceutical water, biological products and medicinal solvents. Solvent and solvent filtration in the process of API production.

Beverage industry liquor, wine, fruit wine, beverage sterilization filtration and clarification filtration, drinking water, fruit juice, condiments, syrups, dairy products, edible oil, monosodium glutamate and other food

Water treatment:
Refining of chemical reagents and chemicals; Waterpoint sterilization and filtration for ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems.

Construction Filter media Nylon
Filter media support PP
Outside case PP
Core PP
Dimension Outside diameter Φ68mm orΦ69mm
Inside diameter Φ32mm
Length 5″/10″/20″/30″/40″
O-ring material (gasket) Silicone, EPDM, Nitrile, Viton ,Viton encapsulated PTFE
Filter level 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 1.0, 3.0μm
Filter area ≥0.65m2 per inch
Working condition PH Value 6-13
Normal Temperature ≤60℃
MAX Temperature ≥85℃, ΔP<0.10Mpa
Pressure drop ≥25℃, Positive:0.42MPa


Sterilization condition 121±2℃, steam 30min/time or Sterilizer 30min/time
Precipitate Endotoxin <0.25EU/ml
Extract <0.03g/10″