PTFE pleated filter cartridge

  • Applicable Industries: food & beverage, pharma etc
  • Length: 5″/10″/20″/30″/40″
  • OD(mm): 68mm,69mm
  • ID(mm): Φ32mm
  • Construction: Cartridge Filter
  • Filter membrane media: Hydrophilic PTFE
  • Support: PP
  • Cage/Core/End: PP
  • Structure: Doule Membrane Structure
  • Sealing Technology: Hot melt without glue
  • O-Ring material: Silicone, EPDM, Nitrile, Viton ,Viton encapsulated PTFE
  • O-ring design: 220, 222, 226, DOE
  • End design: fin, flat, DOE



PTFE filter membrane for pharma and food grade

Polytetrafluoroethylene pleated filter element (PTFE)

Pleated PTFE membrane filter cartridges can be divided into hydrophobic and hydrophilic according to membrane properties. The folded PTFE membrane filter element is resistant to organic and inorganic chemical corrosion and natural hydrophobicity and has good working performance. The filter element has undergone integrity tests such as bubble point and diffusion flow and is suitable for clarification and sterilization filtration of gases and strong corrosive liquids.

PTFE pleated filter membrane features:
1. Hydrophobic membrane filter has natural strong hydrophobicity, is a high-quality gas sterilization filter material; In wet or dry conditions can ensure sterilization;
2. Hydrophilic membrane filter using the high-quality hydrophilic group for hydrophilic treatment of PTFE film, it has the characteristics of permanent hydrophilic, can be used for strong oxidation, strong corrosive liquid in addition to impurity, sterilization;
3. The filter element is traceable and easy to identify, and the product has an independent code;
4. Wide chemical compatibility, resistance to various solvents and oxidants;
5. The filter cylinder adopts fluid mechanics design, higher efficiency;
6. Low initial pressure difference, long service life and low energy consumption;
7. Filter element integrity test;
8. Each product comes with a quality certificate;
9. No adhesive, safe and reliable;
10. Filter element without fiber shedding; High-temperature resistance;

Diameter: 2.75″ (69 mm)
Length: 5″/10″/20″/30″/40″ etc.
Filtration area
Single 10″ filter element is about 0.65m²
Minimum Bubble Point of Integrity Test Data
0.22μm: ≥ 0.1MPa
0.45μm: ≥ 0.06MPa 23°C
60:40IPA: water(V: V)
Typical flow rate
0.1um≥180Nm3 /h
0.22μm≥330Nm3 /h
0.45μm≥400Nm3 /h,
(P=0.2MPa, ΔP=0.01MPa, 20°C, 10″ length)
Accumulated Steam Sterilization Time
121°C, 100 hours
140°C, 40 hours
Under experimental conditions
Maximum Differential Pressure
Recommended Service Life for Air Filtration
12 months for 60°C compressed air filtration
6 months for 80°C breathing port filtration