Replaceable Gel HEPA filter Ceiling Modules

  • Efficiency: H13 99.95%, H14 99.995%, U15 99.9995% EN:1822
  • Feature: DOP tested
  • Filter media: Waterproof glass fiber
  • Frame material: Gal, SUS, Al
  • HEPA filter design: mini pleated with EVA or gel seal gasket
  • Customized size&efficiency: Available
  • Collar: On the top or side, round or square collar diameter 200, 250, 300mm
  • Max Operating Temperature: 175˚F (79˚C)
  • Max Operating Humidity: 80%
  • Insulation layer: Available




DOP Gel Seal Type HEPA Air Filter Ceiling Module Manufacturer

DOP gel seal type HEPA ceiling module is an intermediate device mostly applied in pharma, medical, and laboratories industries.  Composed of Gel HEPA filter and metal frame, diffuser panel, control regulating valve and air inlet tube.

It can create a perfect static pressure before the air passes through the HEPA filter so that the HEPA filter can be used reasonably. It is characterized by compact structure, reliable performance, strong ventilation ability, convenient installation ( Room Side HEPA filter replace ) and simple maintenance. DOP test port helps monitor the performance anytime easily.

DOP HEPA air ceiling module can be widely used in medicine, health, electronics, chemical industry and other industries purification air conditioning system.

DOP HEPA air ceiling module product features:

  1. The overall sealing design completely eliminates the possibility of upstream and downstream leakage from the design.
  2. The cold-rolled steel plate is welded and sealed with glue. The surface of the box is treated with the electrostatic spray, which has strong corrosion resistance.
  3. The special air valve adjustment device can easily adjust the air volume at the air inlet side of the air ceiling module. ( Air inlet placed at the side or top position )
  4. The unique sealing method of the gel seal, with its own PAO dust emission port and concentration sampling port, fully meets the requirements of the new version of GMP-E.


  1. The air supply port of the gel seal adopts a knife-edge type inserted into the gel glue of the gel seal filter to achieve sealing, which avoids the leakage of the air supply from the installation gap, and can pass the integrity test of DOP dust generation at one time;
  2. Two DOP connectors are installed, one for dust generation and one for detection, which is convenient for users to perform DOP dust detection and test the pressure difference of the HEPA filter and test the pressure difference. The diffuser placed on the bottom of the housing, so as to ensure a uniform airflow display;
  3. Rotary holders for mounting HEPA filter which is convenient to fast replacement of the filter from Room Side.
  4. Can be made of standard type, and the size can also be made according to customer requirements.

Housing Specifications

  1. Box material: cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray or stainless steel frame.
  2. Air diffuser: cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray or stainless steel.
  3. Manual or electrical air volume regulating valve.
  4. Collar ( Air inlet side ): On the top or side, round or square collar diameter 200, 250, 300mm

HEPA filter Specifications

Efficiency H13 99.95%, H14 99.995%, U15 99.9995% EN:1822
Feature DOP tested
Filter media Waterproof glass fiber
Frame material Aluminum alloy
HEPA filter design mini pleated with EVA or gel seal gasket
Customized size&efficiency Available
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)
Max Operating Humidity 80%
Insulation layer Available

The most common size for HEPA filter diffuser

Item No Size(mm) Airflow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Connection
EA-GA-505029 500*500*290 500m³/h 180Pa H14 Top
EA-GA-505046 500*500*460 500m³/h 180Pa H14 Side
EA-GA-656529 650*650*290 1000m³/h 180Pa H14 Top
EA-GA-656546 650*650*460 1000m³/h 180Pa H14 Side
EA-GA-737329 730*730*290 1500m³/h 180Pa H14 Top
EA-GA-737346 730*730*460 1500m³/h 180Pa H14 Side
EA-GA-10157129 1015*710*290 2000m³/h 180Pa H14 Top
EA-GA-10157146 1015*710*460 2000m³/h 180Pa H14 Side
EA-GA-535329 534*534*290 500m³/h 180Pa H14 Top
EA-GA-535346 534*534*460 500m³/h 180Pa H14 Side
EA-GA-747429 744*744*290 1500m³/h 180Pa H14 Top
EA-GA-747446 744*744*460 1500m³/h 180Pa H14 Side
Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;