Rigid Cell Air Filter

  • Efficiency: F7, F8, F9 EN:779
  • Filter depth: 150-292mm
  • Filter media: Waterproof glass fiber
  • Frame material: Gal, SUS, Aluminum board
  • Separator: Aluminum foil or paper
  • Customized size&efficiency: Available
  • Design: Single flange, double flange
  • Max Operating Temperature: 175˚F (79˚C)
  • Max Operating Humidity: 80%




Glassfiber media Rigid Cell Air Filter Manufacturer

Rigid cell separated air filter made of glass fiber and aluminum spacer, the galvanized steel frame or aluminum board frame build with 25mm thickness header/flange. With EVA gasket sticked on the backed side of flange. The rigid cell separated air filter efficiency is F8 or F9, we can offer customized sizes and efficiency.

Its compact and rigid design, makes it become a reliable filter for heavy-duty ventilation system, in the filed of pharma, medical and so on.

Rigid cell filter with 95% or 98% DOP efficiency, can be used as medium filter for cleanroom ventilation, or as terminal filtration for coastal salt air filter when made of SUS frame. It can be used as exhaust filter for solder purification.

Specifications and Details

Efficiency M5 – F9 EN:779
Filter depth 150mm, 220mm, 292mm available
Filter media Synthetic
Frame material Al alloy or Gal
Space Plastic bar or metal frame
Customized size&efficiency Available
Design Boxed or flanged or DTF
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)
Max Operating Humidity 80%

Most common size for rigid cell filter

Item No Size(mm) Air flow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Filter Area
EA-ES-2150F5 287*592*150 1200m³/h 75Pa F5 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-2150F6 287*592*150 1200m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-2150F7 287*592*150 1200m³/h 95Pa F7 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-2150F8 287*592*150 1200m³/h 115Pa F8 EN:779 2m²
EA-ES-5150F5 592*592*150 2500m³/h 75Pa F5 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5150F6 592*592*150 2500m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5150F7 592*592*150 2500m³/h 95Pa F7 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5150F8 592*592*150 2500m³/h 115Pa F8 EN:779 4m²
EA-ES-5292F5 592*592*292 5000m³/h 75Pa F5 EN:779 8m²
EA-ES-5292F6 592*592*292 5000m³/h 85Pa F6 EN:779 8m²
EA-ES-5292F7 592*592*292 5000m³/h 95Pa F7 EN:779 8m²
EA-ES-5292F8 592*592*292 5000m³/h 115Pa F8 EN:779 8m²
Customized size is available, air pressure drop ± 15% around;