Shoe cover dispenser for cleanroom

  • Fast cover automatically
  • Over hundreds of covers in stock in the machine
  • Non-woven, PE, CPE material covers
  • Replacement covers easily
  • China factory delivery directly
  • Competitive price



the Eawayfilter clean room shoe cover dispenser is a machine that can help people cover their shoes very quickly, just considering some people cannot cover their shoes easily, our machine has a very big advantage in this. Just put the foot in the machine, and it will automatically cover your shoes.

there are over a hundred different sizes of covers in stock in the machine from each time installation or replacement. there are non-woven, PE, CPE material covers for different applications.

  • Non-woven material has a very good breathable function
  • CPE and PE are waterproof

the cover dispenser for clean room is a very good product for contamination control, we know, it is very strict to control dust in clean room. the shoe covers are very necessary.

Product Features
Our intelligent shoe cover dispenser can cover your shoes automatically.
Micro-computer control, DC PCB board, infrared sensor.
there are LED display to show how many shoe covers in the dispenser, so you can know when need to replace the covers.

How to replace the covers?

  • Our covers come in a packed carton box, please don`t repack it because the whole box should install in the machine.
  • Open the carton boxes top, and put a heavy item in it. it to give weight to the boxes to help the machine work.
  • Insert the carton boxes into the machine
  • Cover the machine and start to work.

Steps for usage:

When the machine starts to work, it will automatically pull out a shoe cover from the shoe cover box and open it. The user only needs to gently step foot into the opened shoe cover, and the shoe cover can be put on the foot. After putting out the foot with the shoe cover on, the machine will automatically open a shoe cover and wait for you.


Item No SK-CL
Product size L63*W31*H101cm
N.W. 20Kgs
Cover speed 3 seconds / cover
Input AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz, 75W
Inside voltage DC 12V
PE covers per box 200 PCS
CPE covers per box 160 PCS
Non-woven covers per box 100 PCS

Different material covers

box PE CPE Non-Woven
 Box size:


200PCS / box


Carton size: 79*48.5*60CM


160 PCS / box

21 box/carton

Carton size: 79*48.5*60CM


100 PCS / box

21 box/carton

Carton size: 79*48.5*60CM