Titanium alloy sintered filter

  • Applicable Industries: liquid & gas filtration
  • Length: 5″/10″/20″/30″/40″
  • OD(mm): 60mm/80mm
  • Construction: Whole Stainless Steel Filter
  • Filter media: Titanium powder sintered
  • Sealing Technology: Welded
  • O-Ring material: Silicone, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Teflon
  • O-ring design: 222, 226, DOE and so on
  • End design: fin, flat, DOE



Metal sintered filter

Titanium alloy sintered filter

Made of high-purity titanium powder, which is formed by high pressure pressing and sintered at high temperature to become the final product. Its structure is firm, the pore distribution is large, and the filtration resistance is small. By changing the particle size of the titanium alloy powder, different filtration grades can be made. It can be applied to liquid and gas separation and purification of various media.

Performance characteristics:

  1. Stable shape and high compressive strength;
  2. High temperature resistance, can be used normally at 300°C;
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to various inorganic acids, inorganic salt solutions, organic acids, alcohols, ethers and other organic solvents, good permeability and stable filtration effect.
  4. Reusable and long service life


Application areas:

  • Titanium alloy sintered filter can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, Food industry, biological engineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry and gas purification.
  • Removal of impurities and filtration of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry, decarbonization and filtration of materials.
  • Pre-filtration of ultrafiltration, RO and EDI systems in the water treatment industry
  • Beverage, alcohol and other liquid filtration in food and beverage
  • Filtration and recovery of catalysts
  • Gas purification, etc

Technical parameters

  1. The conventional five-layer sintered mesh filter element and powder sintered filter element;
  2. Interface, double opening, flat pressure interface, 222, 226, etc.;
  3. Length: The length is 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 inches and can be customized.
  4. Outer diameter: conventional 25, 35, 50, 60, 65, 100, 150mm, etc.;
  5. Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, etc.


Materials Of Construction Stainless steel powder sintered Filter Media Sintered Titanium Powder
Micron Rating 0.45,1,5,10um
Porosity 35%-45%
(only for 222, 226, DOE ends)
Silicone, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Teflon
Filtration Efficiency 90%
Cartridge Dimensions Outer Diameter 60mm/80mm
Length(based on Cut Ends) 10″- 250mm, 20″- 500mm, 30″-750mm, 40″- 1000mm
Operating conditions Max. Operating Temperature. Up to 285℃ (536℉)
Max. Differential Pressure 6.0 bar
PH Value Compatibility 1-14