Wooden Frame HEPA filters

  • Efficiency: H13 99.95%, H14 99.995%, U15 99.9995% EN:1822
  • Filter depth: 150mm, 220mm, 292mm available
  • Filter media: glass fiber
  • Frame material: MDF, Particle board, Wooden
  • Separator: Paper or Al foil
  • Customized size&efficiency: Available
  • Design: Box
  • Max Operating Temperature: 175˚F (79˚C)
  • Max Operating Humidity: 80%




H13 Efficiency 99.97% @ 0.3 micron Wooden / Particle MDF Board Frame HEPA filter

The wooden frame can provide a more stable structure, usually using composite board, MDF, etc., fixed by air nails, and then glue the filter element and the frame together.

Wooden Frame HEPA filters – The filter material is separated by a paper or aluminum spacer to form a uniform tunnel for air passing through. The wooden frame MDF HEPA filters can provide a larger dust holding ability and less resistance. At the air outlet side, pasted with an EVA or seamless urethane gasket to prevent air leakage. ( For better seal )

It is suitable for air filtration at normal temperature and humidity and allows air filtration. The product has high efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity. It is widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, biological engineering and various types of clean equipment air purification and other fields.

Particle board MDF HEPA filter – is mainly used to filter dust particles above 0.3um, as the terminal filter of various filter systems. The filtration range is H10 to U16, with Common sizes like 484×484×220, 320×320×220,610X610×292 etc.

Specifications and Details

Efficiency H13 99.95%, H14 99.995%, U15 99.9995% EN:1822
Filter depth 150mm, 220mm, 292mm available
Filter media Waterproof glass fiber
Frame material MDF, Particle board, Wooden
Separator Aluminum or paper
Customized size&efficiency Available
Design Deep pleated
Max Operating Temperature 175˚F (79˚C)
Max Operating Humidity 80%

Most common size for HEPA filter

Item No Size(mm) Airflow rate Pressure drop Efficiency Filter Area
EA-WDH-3629 305*610*292 1000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 10.5m²
EA-WDH-6629 610*610*292 2000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 21m²
EA-WDH-9629 915*610*292 3000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 31.5m²
EA-WDH-1629 1220*610*292 4000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 42m²
EA-WDH-3615 305*610*150 500m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 5.3m²
EA-WDH-6615 610*610*150 1000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 10.5m²
EA-WDH-9615 910*610*150 1500m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 15.8m²
EA-WDH-1615 1220*610*150 2000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 21m²
EA-WDH-3622 305*610*220 750m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 8m²
EA-WDH-622 915*610*220 1500m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 16m²
EA-WDH-9622 915*610*220 2100m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 24m²
EA-WDH-1622 1220*610*220 3000m³/h 220Pa H13 EN:1822 32m²