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Stainless Steel Fan Filter Unit Introduce

The fan filter unit is a device applied in modern industry clean room. Its main function is to remove fine dust size over 0.3 microns and then create a laminar flow airflow to the whole clean room. To considering the resistance of HEPA filter, the airflow cannot pass through it easily if only relying on the blower in AHU. The motor in fan filter unit will fix this problem easily, that is the main reason it exists.

The fan filter unit is composed of a shell, a motor ( Double motor for 48*48 inch size ), a HEPA filter and electrical control system as well as wires and plugs. There are some different materials for shells, that is Stainless Steel, Aluminum-zinc-clad sheets, painted metal sheets. As far as we know, stainless steel is the best material for Fan filter unit shells.

Why Stainless Steel sheet is the best material for Fan filter Unit shell?

  • It won`t get rust easily even in some high humidity situations, which can enlarge the service life of FFU, and also reduce the risk of contamination due to rust.
  • It looks so great, we have to admit that the stainless steel fan filter unit looks very exquisite, it is very convenient to clean the smooth surface to remove some dust after a long time of usage.
  • Strong, more stable, less vibration. The hardness of stainless steel is much better than the other two materials.

There are two different stainless steel plates for your choice, that is SUS#201 and SUS#304. The thickness of the plate is 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm for your choice. Also, the stainless steel plate surface process is smooth or matt.

Smooth Surface Stainless Steel Fan Filter Unit

this is the most common design, smooth surface makes the fan filter unit looks bright and easy to clean.

  • Size: 24*48 inch ( 575*1175mm )
  • Shell: stainless steel smooth surface T 0.8mm
  • Motor: 800W 220V/50Hz
  • HEPA filter: 570*1170*69mm H13 99.97%
  • Airflow velocity: 0.45m/s (20% adjust)

Matt surface Stainless Steel Fan Filter Unit

there is not much difference between Polishing and matte process shell. the default choice is smooth surface if clients didn`t pick matt.

The only advantage of matt is that it will not be easy to leave traces, for example, if we use our hands to touch the FFU, the mirror-smooth stainless steel is easy to leave fingerprints, but matte will not.

Double Motor

Double motor fan filter unit can overcome more resistance of HEPA filter, in this situation, it can provides more airflow rate to the clean room or some other devices like laminar flow hoods, softwall booth and so on.

Double motor also makes airflow more evenly.

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