HEPA filter used in medical operating room


The purpose of HEPA filters used by the medical industry is to prevent patients with infectious diseases from transmitting infectious particles to medical staff during surgery.

The high-efficiency filter used in the operating room is laminated, which is conducive to the outer casing of the operating room to be made of a metal, and there is a detection port when placing an efficient filtration system, and a differential pressure meter.

When the pressure reaches this resistance, the HEPA filter needs to be replaced.

Contact the service company responsible for installing such a laminar ceiling, or contact the air filter manufacturer, which can provide the corresponding HEPA filter.


  • Generally, the filter accuracy of medical HEPA filter can be divided into H11, H12, H13, H14, U15, U16.
  • For different industries and cleanroom, the HEPA filter efficiency requirement is varied.
  • For example, for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we recommend the use of H14 rated HEPA filters capable of filtering particles greater than 99.995 @ 0.3 microns.
  • For the spraying industry, we recommend the use of H11or H12 HEPA filters with this efficiency.
  • We do not recommend blindly choosing the higher grade HEPA filter, because the higher the efficiency, the greater the resistance of HEPA filter, that will cause more electricity consumption for the ventilation system, from the perspective of cost saving, we recommend choosing the most appropriate HEPA filter.

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