First we have to know what is a clean room, the clean room is not a very “clean room”. It is actually a work area with very stringent control for air contamination, in some special industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical care and microelectronics and other high-tech industries require strict control of dust particles in the air to ensure the quality of the product and work, and some security of stuff.

If the particles in the air are greater than PM2.5, it will hurt people’s respiratory system, if it is less than PM2.5, this will not cause harm to the human body, but will cause damage for some work processes. Such as in the spray industry, for some fine dust falls in the surface of the spray, which will cause the spray to form a defect, causing the quality of the product. And for some chip industries, if there are fine particles fall on the surface, it will affect the circuit or disconnect directly.

In order to create a good, high precision room that meets this standard, we need to use a HEPA filter, and that’s why the HEPA filter was born.

The HEPA filter is folded with a glass fiber filter paper, and the fine particles carry these fine particles in the air, passing through these glass fiber filter paper, through a plurality of filtration modes such as collision electrostatic adsorption, can filter out of the particles of greater than 0.3 microns with efficiency 99% or better.

Therefore, the HEPA filter is a necessary condition for the establishment of a clean room. If there is no HEPA filter, any workshop can not be called clean room.


  • Generally, the filter accuracy of HEPA filter can be divided into H11, H12, H13, H14, U15, U16.
  • For different industries and cleanroom, the HEPA filter efficiency requirement is varied.
  • For example, for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we recommend the use of H14 rated HEPA filters capable of filtering particles greater than 99.995 @ 0.3 microns.
  • For the spraying industry, we recommend the use of H11or H12 HEPA filters with this efficiency.
  • We do not recommend blindly choosing the higher grade HEPA filter, because the higher the efficiency, the greater the resistance of HEPA filter, that will cause more electricity consumption for the ventilation system, from the perspective of cost saving, we recommend choosing the most appropriate HEPA filter.

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