Why HEPA filters are used in pharmaceutical industry


If you work in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, you may have heard that the pharmaceutical industry needs to use HEPA filter, so why the pharmaceutical industry need for HEPA filters?

First of all, we need to know what is the function of HEPA filter? HEPA filter is used to filter air with particles larger than 0.3 microns and the filtration efficiency can reach more than 99%.

We know that the function of HEPA filter is to filter particles in the air, so does the pharmaceutical factory have the need to control particles in the air?

We know that in addition to dust, there are some attached bacterial viruses and some other pollution sources, the pharmaceutical industry is a very stringent industry. We need drugs produced by pharmaceuticals without other bacterial microorganisms, then need HEPA filter to remove these bacteria and microorganisms and dust among the air.

In this way, the existence of HEPA filters in the pharmaceutical industry can also give a reasonable explanation.

Not only the control of microorganisms, the HEPA filter role in the pharmaceutical industry, is also reflected in the quality of the product and the extension of the product’s shelf life. We know that there are many extensions of food and drugs to disinfection, but this If high temperature disinfection, it will have a certain negative effect on the quality or taste of the product.

The HEPA filter is used for direct filtration instead of high temperature sterilization, the quality and shelf life of drugs can also be improved.


  • Generally, the filter accuracy of HEPA filter can be divided into H11, H12, H13, H14, U15, U16.
  • For different industries and cleanroom, the HEPA filter efficiency requirement is varied.
  • For example, for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we recommend the use of H14 rated HEPA filters capable of filtering particles greater than 99.995 @ 0.3 microns.
  • For the spraying industry, we recommend the use of H11or H12 HEPA filters with this efficiency.
  • We do not recommend blindly choosing the higher grade HEPA filter, because the higher the efficiency, the greater the resistance of HEPA filter, that will cause more electricity consumption for the ventilation system, from the perspective of cost saving, we recommend choosing the most appropriate HEPA filter.



The mini pleat HEPA filter can be replaced for FFU, ceiling modules, efficiency H13 and H14 available.


Deep pleat HEPA filter with aluminum separator and glass fiber filter media, galvanized steel frame.


Gel seal HEPA filter with a perfect seal, without leakage.

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